Today I was really shocked and saddened to hear about Paris attacks. I felt the same grief and sadness that I felt when when these people attacked a school in Peshawar(Pakistan) and killed 140 innocent children. They killed all the 9th graders one by one, and killed the whole class that way. My son was also in grade 9 at that time. (In a different city and school so he remained safe)

I still remember faces of those innocent cute teenagers who were killed and today I again felt the same grief and sadness. I wish there is no war. I wish there is just peace and love everywhere. I wish there is no hatred and just tolerance for each other. I wish that religion just becomes a personal matter, just to keep one’s self at peace. I wish that no one ever kills anyone. I wish that there is peace, love and tranquility in this world.

I made these stickers today, to show my love for all innocent people who lost their lives in France and to show love and peace for everyone. I believe in love, my message is love, my desire is love.

These stickers are the least I could do to show my emotions. I wish I could do more. Love and Prayers for everyone.

Peace and Praying for Paris Stickers

Click here to download the PDF if you want to use these. It is a big file, it might take sometime to load.
Diana Darlene Jennings paid tribute to Paris victims by using these peace stickers in her weekly planner layout

Peace and Praying for Paris Stickers used in Planner

A video tutorial to decorate your planner with these stickers by Tammy Santana #prayforparis