Track your daily water intake with these free printable Hydrate planner stickers that I have created for you. I have created weekly planner sticker to track water intake and also daily stickers. The weekly stickers are made separately for both Happy Planner and Erin Condren Planner boxes. The daily stickers will fit both. You just have to cut the image of a glass or a drop after taking a glass of water. If you are looking for some specific type of stickers please let me know through my Facebook Group.

Please do not forget to read terms of use before using these printables.

Free Printable Weekly Hydrate Planner Stickers

Free Printable Weekly Hydrate Planner Stickers

Here are weekly images to track your hydration. You can put these in your weekly layout. To get these stickers for Happy Planner click here and to download these for Erin Condren Click here. Please do not scale the images while printing to get a perfect fit for your boxes. I have made boxes for Happy Planner in 1.5″x2.25″ and for Erin Condren 1.5″x1.9″. I’ll appreciate the feedback about the sizes.

Free Printable Daily Hydrate Planner Stickers (Colorful)

Free Printable Daily Hydrate Planner Stickers

These are the stickers to track your water intake on daily basis. Click here to download the PDF file. I have made these stickers in different colors and also in rainbow colors.

You can print these on sticker paper or any ordinary paper and paste in your planner with a glue stick.

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