I have made English Tea themed Stickers for Happy Planner and ECLP {Free Printable} today. I have already made coffee themed printable stickers for planner. I was really confused that should I make some cute honey bee and bee girl themed stickers today or English Tea themed stickers, my husband and daughter, both were in the favor of the other set that I would make pretty soon but I finally decided to make these adorable tea themed stickers. Tea is an essential part of our lives in Pakistan and we take English tea with milk and sugar. In my childhood my mother always properly arranged tea in her classic tea sets for guets covered with a tea cozy but now, our generation just take tea in tea mugs. Still today I made those classic tea stickers in English style the way I saw tea being served in my childhood. All these images are original and created by me. Please do not forget to read terms of use before using these graphics.

I have made these stickers in sizes of Erin Condren Life Planner and Happy Planner boxes. You can also use these stickers in many more ways, like you can use these as labels to decorate jars and bottles in your kitchen and you can also use these to create beautiful cards and gift tags.

English Tea themed Stickers for Happy Planner and ECLP {Free Printable}

I have made these stickers in 5 different very cute and soothing colors, like off-white, lilac, pink, mint and very light blue.

You can mix and match these stickers with these stickers in marshmallow colors that I had created already.

English Tea themed Stickers for Planner in Mint Color

English Tea themed Planner Stickers in Mint Color

I have made tea bags, tea cups, strawberry cake, sandwiches and some cute pattern in mint color in this set of stickers. Click here to download this set for your Happy Planner and here for Erin Condren Life Planner.

English Tea themed Stickers in Light Blue Color

English Tea themed Stickers in Light Blue Color

Here is this adorable set in a different color combination. Click here to download it for HP and here for ECLP.

Beautiful Tea themed Floral Stickers


This is another shade of these adorable stickers. I love the floral design made on the tea pot and tea cups. Click here to download these for Happy Planner and here for Erin Condren Vertical Planner.

Tea Stickers in Pink Color

Tea Stickers in Pink Color

The same adorable layout in pink color. Click here to download for Happy Planner and here for Erin Condren.

Tea Stickers in Off White Color

Tea Stickers in Off White Color

This is my most favorite color combination among these stickers. Click here to download these for Happy Planner and here for ECLP.

This is how it looks in Jessica Ramos Edholm’s lovely planner

Tea Party stickers used in Planner

This is another cute layout by Therese Vickers using these stickers

Cute tea stickers used in planner

Here is an adorable plan with me video using these stickers by Paper Mouse

Here is a lovely layout by Diana Darlene Jennings

beautiful tea themed planner layout

Please do not forget to leave a comment below if you have downloaded any of these stickers and keep me in your prayers. <3

56 Comments on English Tea themed Stickers for Happy Planner and ECLP {Free Printable}

  1. Thanks!!! Too cute! I love chai, green/mint tea, and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea!!

  2. These are lovely. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful gift today. <3 Jackie from Dallas Texas.

  3. I cannot thank you enough for these beautiful stickers. Up to now, I have only used a sticker occasionally that I purchased at the dollar store. Your stickers will make my planner prettier and more interesting. Thanks so much and yes, I will include you in prayers. Sharon

  4. I just love your printables. This group is the best yet, especially since I am such a tea person.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh my gosh! I love love love these!! Love all the colors and I love tea~so unique!! Thank you!

  6. omg so cute……love coffee and tea…..can’t have them all…so i choose the tea themed floral stickers……thank you Maryam

  7. Thank you for all your lovely and fun stickers. You have a gift and a talent along with a beautiful heart for sharing with others. Praying for you!

  8. Thanks I could not find the link again. Somebody posted it to me. I better printed before I lose it again. Thanks

  9. Thank you very much for sharing these stickers. They are so so pretty. I will definitely use them.

  10. Thank you! They are so adorable. I’m excited to use them with photos of tea with my girlies. Thanks again!

  11. Thank you for the lovely “Beautiful English Tea” planner stickers. I have chosen the lilac as my favorite, but they are all lovely. I too have fond memories of being served with my Mother’s tea set as a girl. Thank you again.

  12. Thank you for these stickers, I’m a newbie and trying to figure out what I’m going to like, love your designs

  13. So glad I found your website! Thank you for making these wonderful stickers. I’ll share these with my friends too! lots of goodluck and keep doing the awesome work 😀

  14. I am so glad I ran across these. I love green and herbal teas. I am new to journaling. Thanks for your generosity and these lovely stickers

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