Mexican Stickers for Classic Happy Planner

When I started making printables for, I didn’t have any purpose on my mind. I just loved making cute printables and I loved the admiration and appreciation from the planner world and that was my driving force.
Then I felt need of a change and started making some other types of printables and graphics and quit working on cutedaisy for a while. Now I am planning to make printables for again (on a much slower pace) but this time I have a clear purpose on my mind and that is to spread a message of peace, love and harmony. This is to tell that religion, caste, creed and nationality doesn’t matter but being a good human being and spreading love matters.
I went through a long thought process after this latest surge of hatred that has spread in the world in the name of religion and finally found the clarity of mind for myself. I do not want to be a part of this game of hate. I cannot change the world and cannot remove all the hate from this world but I can play my part. I can love every human being and this is all I could do. My printables are for everyone and so is my love and sincerity and I mean it.

So today I have created these Mexican themed stickers for Classic happy Planner boxes. Please abide by the terms of use before using these stickers.

Mexican Stickers for Classic Happy Planner

Mexican Stickers for Classic Happy Planner

Free Printable Mexican Stickers for Classic Happy PlannerMexican Stickers for Classic Happy Planner page 2

These are very colorful stickers and I absolutely love these. I have made a pinata, colorful sombreros, maracas, cactus, guitar and many other cute mexican elements in this colorful layout. Click here to download the page one and click here to download the page two.

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