Free Printable Pay Day Stickers

free printable payday stickers for planner

So from now on I’ll be giving more time to my home and making new printables and less time to my group. I think it will help me focus on the quality of my printables more. Today I made these Free Printable Pay Day Stickers and I have created 4 sets of these stickers so you can choose the ones that will suit your taste and needs more. All these graphics are original and created by me. Please do not forget to read terms of use before using any of my stickers. I hope my stickers will help you staying more organised.


free printable payday stickers for planner

Money Bags Pay Day Stickers

Money Bags Pay Day Stickers

Click here  to download these adorable free printable money bag pay day stickers. I have made these cute money bags in many different colors so you can pick and choose the one that matches the color scheme of your planner’s theme more.

Cute and Funny Pay Day Stickers

Cute and Funny Pay Day Stickers

Here are some cute and funny pay day stickers with  a cartoon hand holding a 1 dollar bill and a few peanuts to show pay day. These are sarcastic and I made people like us who gets peanuts on payday. Click here to download these stickers.

Pay Day Headers and  Money Bags

Pay Day Headers and Money Bags

Here are some more money bags and some pay day headers. Click here to download this set.

Colorful Pay Day Flags

Colorful Pay Day Flags

This is the last set of cute stickers that I have made today and these are very cute and colorful pay day flags. Click here to download this file.

All my stickers are for personal use only and please do not forget to share my stickers on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media.


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  1. Aww!!! they are so beautiful. Well I must admit I feel the same for all the stickers you create bcos they are always so beautiful.

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