I have created some cute Free Printable Laundry Basket Stickers that you can use in your planners to mark the days when you are going to do the laundry. I have also created some washing machine stickers that you can also use. These cute laundry basket stickers are in different colors so these will match any planner theme. You can also scale these images so these can fit your smaller planners easily.
Free Printable Laundry Basket Stickers

Free Printable Laundry Basket Stickers

Laundry Basket Stickers
Click hereΒ to download these adorable and really cute laundry basket stickers. Please do not forget to read terms of use before using my stickers.

All these images are original and created by me so please do not steal my work or share the PDF’s directly.


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  1. They are really cute.. Just curious if you print them on sticker paper, and then cut them out by hand, or is there an easier way. Thank you

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